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Alinta Tech Solutions

Alinta Tech Solutions (also known as Alinta Tech) is a Managed IT Support and Technology Solutions Provider. Our services include comprehensive IT support functions, outsourced IT staffing and technology solutions designed to support the success and growth of small and medium-sized businesses.

Alinta Tech is owned by Alintacorp 64 Pty Ltd (www.alintacorp.co.za), which has been offering corporate training to the South African government and the private sector since its inception in August of 2011.

Work Process


Issue Detection

Detection can come from a user or from an alert that is sent using our monitoring software. A new support ticket will be created and assigned a severity status. The severity is typically minor, major or critical.

Support Assignment

The severity assignment will determine which ticket goes first and who will be assigned to it. This triage system ensures that critical matters are attended to first.



The team assigned will asses the impact of the ticket, when the incident started, whether there are related tickets and other relevant factors, such as data loss. Based on the assessment, the team decides how to resolve the matter.

Escalation and Delegation

If the matter can not be resolved by the assigned team, the matter will be escalated. More skilled staff members will review the work done and plot a way forward to ensure that the issue is resolved. The escalation process goes all the way to any third-party service providers that may be in the supply chain.



Once the issue has been resolved a review will happen to find out what caused the issue, and what can be put in place to make sure that a similar problem does not occur again.